Prediction of Bitcoin in 2018

17 Jan

Prediction of Bitcoin in 2018

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In 2018, is there any possibility that another cryptocurrency will alter Bitcoin in the market. Recently, investors around the world have observed the very rapid growth of Bitcoin. No one can say for sure about the future of Bitcoin. However, there are some prediction that Bitcoin might reach $100.000 in 2018.  

Bitcoin Rewind

Bitcoin before 2017

In 2009, 1 Bitcoin was worth $0.6. After 8 years, it has gained a strong foothold in the market with the belief of many big investors.

There were some predictions that Bitcoin could reach $2.500 before the end of 2017, that seemed to be very vague at that time. However, no one can imagine that it even go out of the expectation.

Fluctuation of Bitcoin since 2009

The boom of Bitcoin’s development

According to, Bitcoin has been continuously rising and reached the all-time high of $ 20,000 USD. There were also many rumors about the risks of bubble burst in the virtual money market. But just after the first trading session on the US CBOE, Bitcoin denied these above concerns. And this is the motivation for investors.  

Bitcoin did not stop at $2.500, that is really amazing. Everything can happen to this currency.

Bitcoin in the prediction of investors

What will happen to Bitcoin in 2018? There are many different ideas about the development of this currency. Some analists expect that its price will keep increasing, but others state that it will go down very soon, even fall to $0. However, instead of being confused about what people say, we should consider what they are doing.  

The attraction of Blockchain technology

Many great companies are investing very big amount in Blockchain, which is a wallet supporting all cryptocurrency systems in the internet. Acronis company in Singapore has just become the first data-storing company investing in Blockchain. This company probably realized the great features of this technology in storing transaction information without a third person. That means when you enter the information, it can not be removed or altered.

Similarly, according to Business Insider, JP Morgan Chase & Co. – one of the greatest financial companies, has just invested 9 billion USD in Blockchain technology, robot and data in 2016. However, some experts think that investing in Blockchain does not necessarily ensure the future of Bitcoin price.

Some predictions about Bitcoin’s price in 2018

On an interview with CNBC, Michael Novogratz – the former director of Fortress predicted that Bitcoin price could 4 times increase in the end of 2018. Tom Lee of Fundstrat predicted that the price of Bitcoin could sharply increase to 12.500 USD or 14.000 USD according to Ronnie Moas of Standpoint Research. However, Bitcoin went over all these predictions when reaching the all-time high of 20.000 USD in December.   

There are some predictions that Bitcoin can reach $100.000 in the end of 2018. If this comes true, Bitcoin’s market capitalization will be “many” trillion USD. Recently, some renowned analists such as Keiser Report and Max Keiser state that  in the condition Bitcoin succeed in becoming the alternative for current banking system, it could reach the high of 1.000 billion.  

Analysis about Bitcoin from investors

Analysis of investors about Bitcoin price

Based on Bitcoin‘s exponential growth, the price of this currency could reach $ 100,000, especially if the investors continue to accept and support it. In 2017, Goldman Sachs bank has invested $ 90 billion and assets of Fidelity Investments worth $ 2.13 trillion in Bitcoin. In August 2017, Fidelity Investment’s managing director affirmed:

“Very few CEOs of great financial companies have never abandoned cryptocurrency, and I’m one of them – I always believe in Bitcoin and its future.”

This director also revealed that the Bitcoin experiment was successful through mining money and by offering a platform for investment. To allow managers and customers to access their direct accounts from Fidelity, the company partnered with Coinbase last month. Bitcoin is increasingly attracting organizations and investors around the world, so it is possible for Bitcoin to reach $ 100,000 as a long-term goal.

Bitcoin is always full of mysteries.

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