ICO- A new form of raising funds

03 Feb

ICO- A new form of raising funds

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You have ideas and want to make the investment? How can you raise funds quickly and effectively? ICO will help you do this. Let’s find out ICO in the article below.

What is ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a popular form of calling for funds in Cryptocurrency projects. This is a smart choice for beginners who want to create a new cryptocurrency for their own. In an ICO project, the company issuing cryptocurrency will generate a certain number of tokens and sell them to investors. Most developers accept the payment by Bitcoin or Ethereum.


ICO and its advantages.

  1. Opportunity to raise funds quickly, easily.

Everyone can make their own ICO project and sell their tokens through many different platforms. By issuing ICO, you can access to thousands of big investors who will become your potential customers in the future. ICO will be a highly profitable investment. If you know how to choose a potential ICO and how to invest in ICO smartly, you can profit more five, ten, even twenty times. In addition, expenses for issuing ICO is cheaper than other fund-raising methods. Time to buy and sell tokens is limited so it makes capital mobilization quickly and efficiently.

  1. Simple Marketing & Advertisement.

Raising capital becomes more and more simple. You just sit down and call for investment through low-cost advertising channels such as social networks, email or other online marketing tools. You can present your ideas more easily and effectively. You can quickly reach a large number of customers in a short time. ICOs also help investors find potential ICOs before making an investment decision.

  1. Highly effective.

What the ICO only has is the ability to focus and streamline your capital calling efforts. With a true and comprehensive description of your own ideas, you can attract a lot of investors, and accumulate your capital in a very short time. You don’t need to look for investors to persuade them to invest in your business. In addition, with the decentralized model, you will attract more users, which helps maintain your networks and your apps.


Stages of ICO Development

  1. Set up

This is the first stage, at this stage you need to build up the database for your own projects, tokens, Blockchain wallet and Cryptocurrency, etc. You also need to develop strategies, development roadmap for ICOs.

  1. Develop potential ICOs

At this stage, the ICO begins to connect with the community that accepts Cryptocurrency payment, or the solution that Cryptocurrency provides. In this stage, if you build a sustainable, large-scale ICO ecosystem, this will help you gain community acceptance and make capital calling easier.

  1. Crowdfunding

At this stage, the ICO can be expanded by bringing your ideas or projects to the media channels to attract and raise capital. You also call for capital by selling tokens or coins to the investors.

When the capital is large enough, you should expand your ICO ecosystem further and bring Cryptocurrency to the exchange.

  1. Index

It is the most important stage of ICO. The success of ICO much depends on the market demand as well as the ICO development.

Should call for capital from ICO?

As you can see, today the digital currency market is a huge potential industry. In particular, ICO is a high-profitable and effective investment method now. Besides the great benefits that ICO brings, ICO also brings quite a lot of risks for issuers, as well as investors. Therefore, if you plan to issue ICO, you have to create a potential ICO. To this end, issuers need to set up the best website, clearly present your ideas, and your projects, and highlight what is the outstanding elements for your Cry

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