Compare BitConnect with some new current Lending coins

12 Feb

Compare BitConnect with some new current Lending coins

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 With all four lending coins BitConnect, Firstcoin, Regalcoin and Hextracoin, you can consider investing. However, depending on the financial situation and investment time, you choose the most appropriate investment channel.

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2017 is considered as a milestone for great innovation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitconnect or Firstcoin. In particular, Bitconnect is considered the “eldest” in the field of global lending coin. Up to now, although Bitconnect is the optimal investment channel, which is chosen by many investors, other lending coins are still highly competitive.

What is BitConnect?

Bitconnect là gì
What is BitConnect?

As a platform that provides users with a variety of cryptocurrency support features, BitConnect is simply understood as a website that allows users to register and trade freely as well as buy or sell Bitcoins directly with other members. Bitconnect also offers users attractive investment opportunities.

After signing up for a BitConnect account, you will be offered two wallet types: Bitcoin (BTC Wallet) and BitConnect (BCC Wallet). Both of these wallets can help you deposit and withdraw money easily.

In particular, there are two popular ways to invest in  Bitconnect nowadays: the first one is to buy BCC and store for a few months and another way is to invest in the BCC’s lending platform.

Compare BitConnect (BCC) with Firstcoin

BCC và FirstcoinBCC and Firstcoin

The basic similarity between BitConnect and Firstcoin is that these two mining coins are based on blockchain technology and the miners will exploit and confirm the transaction. Besides, the quantity of these two types is limited so their price tends to increase, even increase very quickly in a short period of time.

Another identical point between BCC and Firstcoin is that they are both on the exchange. The fact that cryptocurrencies are on exchanges and traded by many people will make them highly liquid – users can buy and sell quickly. The greater volume of buyers and sellers, the more valuable these coins become.

However, compared to Firstcoin, the liquidity of Bitconnect is higher because it is traded on more exchanges, therefore, the value of BCC is about $130 while Firstcoin’s is only $10.

In addition, both BitConnect and Firstcoin are lending support channels. When BCC is the best lending channel available today, invested and drawn in dollars, Firstcoin supports lending by Firstcoin.

Specifically, if you invest in BCC about $10,010, after 4 months, you will collect about $ 16,000. And when you invest $10,000 in Firstcoin, you will get 1,000 Firstcoin and earn 420 coins in 6 months. However, if Firstcoin increases its price 6 times in 6 months, you will gain more than $ 75,000.

In terms of capitalization, BitConnect reached $890 million, ranking #13 on Coinmarketcap. Firstcoin is ranked 60th on the chart and has a market cap of about $98 million.

When users invest in BitConnect, they will be sure of the interest earned and there is no fluctuations followed by exchange rate. Firstcoin and BCC are strong currencies, but if investors want to be safe, they should invest in BCC and if they are keen on  high interest rates and risk-lovers then Firstcoin is the better choice.

Compare BitConnect and Regalcoin

Normally, lending models of BCC and Regalcoin use the US dollar to calculate interest such as: If an user invest $10,010 in a BCC, after 120 days, he/she will receive $26,000, so interest rates up to 160% in 4 months of investment. Similarly, Regalcoin will have a 100% return on investment after 99 days.

As you can see, investing in BCC is much safer than Regalcoin according to the theory. In addition, it is risky to invest in Regalcoin due to decreasing price at the moment. Within 99 days, the value has to multiple three times in order to pay interest for investors.

Regalcoin, however, is a new cryptocurrency after BCC, which is quite new and still has many surprises despite the fact that Regalcoin has not had a strong rebound with steady price increasing by 15-17% .

Comparison of BitConnect (BCC) and Hextracoin (HXT)

Nên đầu tư vào BCC hay HTXShould  investors choose  BCC or HXT?

The Hextracoin (HXT) is also a cryptocurrency that was launched on November 7, 2017 but has a higher average interest rate than BitConnect (BCC), although both offer the same investment and interest payment.

While the interest rate of BCC is about 29%, the interest rate of HXT about 48% (not bonus yet) up to the present time. It is understandable because HXT is a newcomer so it should raise the interest to attract investors.

In addition, the method of interest payment of HXT and BCC is the same, one different point is that BCC calculated interest for user at the time of interest payment while HXT calculated interest in package. Moreover, the investment of HXT follows BCC’s but has a little change. While BCC has only 4 packages, HXT has improved over 5 investment packages. The fund required of of HXT and BCC is the same because HXT has a faster and more shortened investment time.

BCC and HXT are quite high liquid, especially within 10 days of launching, HXT has reached nearly the same amounts of BCC’s transactions at the same time. Specifically, BCC has a total amount of transactions per day is $18 million and the HXT is $16 million. If you have not figured out how valuable HXT is, compare it with Firstcoin and Ragalcoin.

According to statistics, the transaction of Firstcoin is only $755,000 and Regalcoin $1.6 million. So, if you look at the total amount of trading in one day, BCC can be said to top the table, then HXT, Regalcoin and Firstcoin.

Especially, price of HXT and BCC can be easily controlled because they have their own exchanges  and the price of these two coin tend to increase. In terms of the value, although the price of 1 BCC is equal to 10 HTX, the rate of increase of HXT is very impressive and surprising.

HXT’s value is up from $10 (Nov. 7, 2017) to $30 (17/11/2017), which is a three-fold increase after only 10 days and is referred to as BCC in the early period. So if you invest Bitconnect, you will be more secure because of the high value, then in terms of profit then you should invest in HXT because it grows very fast. Therefore, both HXT and BCC are lending coins considered as good investment channels at the moment.

In short, with all four lending coins BitConnect, Firstcoin, Regalcoin and Hextracoin, you can consider investing. However, depending on the financial situation and investment time, you choose the most appropriate investment channel.

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