Why Carcoin is the project you should invest in?

12 Jan

Why Carcoin is the project you should invest in?


Blockchain and transportation demand

Along with the the unceasing increase of world population and the development of technology, transportation demand is rising as well. The launch of Uber in 2009 in San Francisco marked a turning point in transportation services. In a short time, Uber has developed in a super rapid way.  

In 2011, Uber earned 60 million USD. Uber’s income reached $17 billion in 2014 and $60 billion in 2017. It is operating in 67 countries with annual revenue rising very fast. With the appearance  of Uber, hiring car model has dramatically developed. They are Uber’s co-workers: Lyft (USA), Didi Kuaidi (China), Grab (Singapore), Ola (India), Easy taxi…

However, such apps like Uber or Grab still have some problems such as poor customer’s information security, unstable costs, lack of insurance, lack of updating traffic congestion, changing policies without community’s benefit, unprofessional drivers or too high discounting rate for the company. Therefore, the project Car Sharing Community with the Blockchain-based token Carcoin will solve all these problems.  

General information

The official website of the project: mycarcoin.com.

Carcoin is issued based on Car Sharing Community project with the application of Blockchain. This field requires enormous demands in transport. There are many renowned applications with the value of billions of USD such as: Uber, Lyft, Grab…

Carcoin is issued on Blockchain of Ethereum with the quality of ERC 20. This is the background owning the strongest Miner system in the world. With the strengths of big source, reliability, the greatest Smart Contract, Carcoin is promised to sustainably develop even when the issue company might face any risks.

All information about the project and its operators, its roadmap is fully updated on the website, there are something you need to notice:

ICO plan

Total supply of CSC: 190 million coins – Coins on pre sale: 4.6 million. Start in 9/12 and end in 31/12 at auction

  • Day 9 – 16: Starting price everyday 0,3 USD / Carcoin
  • Day 17 – 24: Starting price everyday 0,6 USD / Carcoin
  • Day 25 – 31: Starting price everyday $ 0,9 / Carcoin

In the end of the day, members with the highest price will be sorted in a descending order but not exceed 200.000 Carcoins each day. Ordered price is 0.01 USD, that means you can only order 0.3-0.31-0.32…

– Auction time: STARTS at 9A.M everyday and ENDS at 9A.M the next day (GMT 7)

Carcoin auction

– 90,800,000 Carcoins are sold and remunerated to attract the capital for a maximum time – 2 years. In case after 2 years, if all 90,800,000 Carcoins are not sold out, the rest will be stored in rewarding funds for customers and those who review drivers.

– Total Carcoins for Presale and Crowdsale to community: 50%

– 15% equivalent to 28.5 million Carcoins will be used to buy GPS map data and to pay for drivers providing pictures to improve the map’s quality.

In which:

20% equivalent to 5.7 million Carcoin will be locked in 12 months

20% equivalent to 5.7 million Carcoin will be locked in 18 months

20% equivalent to 5.7 million Carcoins will be locked in 24 months

20% equivalent to 5.7 million Carcoins will be locked in 30 months

20% equivalent to 5.7 million Carcoins will be locked in 36 months

Locking Carcoins means that they commit to carry out the project. Because many ICO now mobilizes the capital by selling coins, but then whether they implement the project is another question.

15% equivalent to 28.5 million Carcoins will be utilized to develop the market for Car Sharing applications 10% equivalent to 19 million is used for technology development .

10% equivalent to 19 million is used for rewarding passengers reviewing drivers

Here is the Carcoin’s roadmap: – 9-31/12 : auction time

– 01/2018: Lending from the price $1,5

– 01/2018: Being on c-cex.com with the minimum price of $2

– 02/2018: On livecoin.net with the minimum price of $5

– 03/2018: Opening the domestic carcoin exchange with the minimum price of $10

– 07/2018: Opening ecosystem, with the minimum price of $20

– 12/2018: Buying and building map, with the minimum price of $50

– 12/2019: Carrying app mycar, with the minimum price of $200

Some assessments of professional investors

First: The number of ICO coin sales is small (4.6/190 million). Strictly following ICO’s roadmap (the rest is locked until the time on the roadmap) will make the price increase gradually, not make it rise fast and then fall down that makes investors become worried.

Second: Lending with the program Withdrawing principal will improve the weaknesses of other currency but still maintain the strengths of a coin ICO lending. There are now 2 types of lending:

  • The first one is withdrawing principal by coins: example Firstcoin. With this approach, investors will get great profits at first because in the beginning, companies will make the price go up. Investors who invest in the next stage (when the coin’s price is high) will get difficulties because at that time, the price will fluctuate. The money of investors will go down with the decrease of coin’s price they have.
  • Second type: withdrawing principal by USD and exchange into coins: Like most other lending courtyards: Hextra, regal…In this method, investors of the first stage will face some difficulties because coin’s price often increase. They won’t make any benefits as their principal is USD, not coins. An emerging situation: investors buy coins but no lending, that will curb the community’s development. Thus,in a short time, developers in community will be disappointed because no lending means no commission, and then there is no community developer as a result.

==> In Carcoin, there are both 2 choices for investors: withdrawing by USD or by Coins. Therefore, at the first stage, most investors will do it by coins to get more benefits and by USD at the next stages to guarantee their capital.

Carcoin lending has secure policies for investors

Third: The dual binary diagram first appears in the market. It allows investors to have passive income based on the interests of the other investors of the diagram.
For instance: If you have 100 investors with the package 10.000 USD in the left, 100 ones in the right:
– Branching revenue is $1 million x 10% = $100.000 branching commission

– Each investor will get the interest of $100/day x 7 days = $700 x 100 investors = $70.000 x 14% = $9800 dual binary commission every week. Until the investors are not lending anymore. This makes a long time passive income for investors

Eventually, commission will separated 60/40: 40% will be re-invested to get interests, commission. Therefore, investors in the system will get consecutive commission until the end of the project.

Thus, Carcoin project is very potential. Every start-up project has potential risks, and community plays an important role in its success. So, investors need to hold their hands to enrich Car Sharing Community, help Carcoin’s operation and reality application.

This analysis is aggregated by experts from INCRYPTOL. We do not encourage you to invest when you haven’t had enough information about what you are going to put your money in. Investing needs knowledge, we will not take any responsibility if your capital is lost because you do not understand the project and its operation.  

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